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Cinco De Mayo

            Fifth of May. That’s what Cinco De Mayo means. This holiday is mainly celebrated by the people of Mexico, but sometimes people in America celebrate the holiday. There are many things we do during this holiday, but the real question is, why do we celebrate it? The reason we do is because of the […]


Stress Awareness Month

            The month of April is the start of another monthly holiday called Stress Awareness Month. This holiday is not known by many people of the United States but is important to everyone in the country and even the world. Being stressed out is not a healthy lifestyle to live. There are many effects on […]


Pets in the Classroom

We have all at least once in our lives had a pet in the classroom, but what are the pros and cons of having one? According to americanhumane.org, there are three positives of class pets: According to americanhumane.org, there are also three negatives for class pets: PJSHS English teacher, Mrs. Simpson, said “I think it’s […]


School Dress Code

School dress codes have been a topic of controversy for years, with many arguing that they are necessary to maintain a professional and respectful learning environment, while others argue that they are outdated and infringe on students’ individuality. A dress code typically outlines specific guidelines for what students are allowed to wear to school, with […]