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Managing a Job with School

Having a job as a freshman can put stress and pressure on a student. In fact, having a job during high school in general can be stressful throughout your four last years before you graduate. Without a job, school is stressful enough, so how could you manage a job with school? It’s very easy in fact. It just takes some hard work, some rescheduling, and using your time in or out of school wisely.

            One of the best ways to manage a job and school is to work hard. Make sure you do your work teachers assign to you throughout your classes. When class ends and you aren’t finished, finish your work at home when you have enough time. Don’t overwork yourself throughout the day. Give yourself some breaks in between so you don’t become stressed out due to the pressure of passing classes for the year. Depending on what classes you take, and how much work is given to you, some rescheduling might need to be redone to make time for your work.

            Using your time wisely is a big key component in managing a job along with your education. Don’t waste your time messing around for the day. Get your work done first. Create a workable schedule and stick to it. Only change it when you need to. You have plenty of time to have fun when your done with school work. Take your weekends off to have fun. If you are fourteen to fifteen you can only work fifteen hours a week max. working a 4-7 is a great time to work. Not only do you have a few extra hours to get work done, you also have time on the weekends to have fun. You can also take the approach of working a 11-7 on the weekends. This will allow you to have as much time as possible to do schoolwork on the weekdays and have fun when you finish.

            Rescheduling. This is a major factor in having a job and being in high school. You can easily reschedule your job to fit a more manageable time frame for your own schedule. Being 14-15 you won’t need to worry much as you will have plenty of time to do work. A 16–17-year-old can legally work 40 hours during school. You are allowed to work from 4 P.M to 10 P.M on days you have school. That means you can shift your schedule around to fit in between those 6 hours. You don’t have to work for a consecutive 5 days. All you need to do is talk to your managers in order to ask for a schedule change. Most the time they will give you a manageable schedule, but if they don’t, there is always a new job. Your still young and in school. Work isn’t the focus while you are in high school. Anyways, that’s how you manage your schedule.

            I have interviewed a student who is 15, works, and is doing well in school. This person is Hailey Cunningham, Sophomore. We asked her how she handles work and school. She said, “I only work on the weekends, so I just do my work and get it over with.” We also decided to interview Alex Stewart, 16, Sophomore. He said, “When I worked weekdays for a few weeks, I managed my time for a few hours to do some of my work. I turned stuff in and now I’m managing well.” These 2 both share the same job, just with different ages, and different times they work. Managing a job and school is easy. You just need to know how to do it.

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