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Bringing Back the Peruvian

It’s been a while since this school has had a newspaper. Now after a long hiatus, The Peruvian is back. So why bring it all back? Since sophomore year, I’ve been noticing a disconnect from the students of the school and what actually goes on here. Essentially, there’s a lack of information on the events. One of the best ways to do this was to create a newspaper. A newspaper I thought would bring more voices of the student’s into the presence of the school. 

With the help of Anashea Dolly and Mr. Johnson, the newspaper was able to be brought back to life. An additional four staff members complete the crew. Anyone who wants to join the Newspaper Club can meet on Thursdays at 7:30 am in Mr. Johnson’s JAG room.

In the foreseeable future, we will have a broadcast every month  at the beginning of the year. This will mark the the true revival of the PHS’s Media Sector. 

One thought on “Bringing Back the Peruvian

  1. So proud of you Aiden!! I wrote for the Peruvian quite a few years ago…lol!! Be the voice you want to see in change…keep working hard!!

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