Image of text of Heartland Career Center with address and phone number


Heartland is a vocational school and has classes you could take that could be the start of your career. Important note you can only take one class per year, but you can also be in an English class. There are a total of 17 pathways offered at Heartland, these classes are usually taken junior and […]

The circus building

Circus at Sea

Peru Amateur Circus is well underway for upcoming shows and the theme this year is Circus at Sea. This year’s shows fall on July 15-22, and as always Saturdays are double shows. As of April 7, second cuts are over for the Peru Amateur Circus. For the readers who have never heard of circus information, […]

Raindrops on a window


The weather this week has been mostly highs in the 50’s and lows in the teens, with some snowfall from Monday and Tuesday. With this weather, one might wonder, should it be warmer by now or not? According to a high of 51°F (11°C) to a low of 32°F (0°C) is the usual temperature […]


Pets in the Classroom

We have all at least once in our lives had a pet in the classroom, but what are the pros and cons of having one? According to, there are three positives of class pets: According to, there are also three negatives for class pets: PJSHS English teacher, Mrs. Simpson, said “I think it’s […]

Stock image of candy hearts

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, a day where Peru students fall on a spectrum of relationships and the students feel a range of emotion. For some students, they fall on the single spectrum.   Senior Daiten Swafford said, “Seeing couples in public makes me uncomfortable.” He doesn’t like public affection. A fellow student, Freshman Nissa Jones said, “Valentine’s […]