April Fools Day

April Fools’ Day has evolved over the years to become a popular culture phenomenon. It is no longer just a day to play pranks on friends and family, but now it is also a day for brands and businesses to showcase their creativity and sense of humor. In recent years, major brands have taken advantage […]

Raindrops on a window


The weather this week has been mostly highs in the 50’s and lows in the teens, with some snowfall from Monday and Tuesday. With this weather, one might wonder, should it be warmer by now or not? According to Wanderlog.com a high of 51°F (11°C) to a low of 32°F (0°C) is the usual temperature […]

cap with money under under the cap


Indiana students can receive hundreds of different scholarships throughout their high school career. Peru High School students are eligible for many of these scholarships, the most common scholarship is the 21st Century Scholarship. To be eligible for this one your parents have to make under a certain amount of money, you have to be a […]