Trevi standing infront of his truck.

Whip of the Week: Trevi Hillman-Conley

‘Whip of the Week’ is a new weekly feature for the Peruvian. Students and staff will be interviewed about their vehicles in the school parking lot. Once a week, an attendee of PJSHS will be picked to present their vehicle.

This weeks recap on ‘Whip of the Week’, Junior Trevi Hillman-Conley has a black Ford Escape. He has two stickers on his back window, a football, wrestling headgear, and his license is personalized with his name on it. He drives everyday and takes his siblings to school. Trevi has been driving for almost two years. “In the future I want a Chrysler 300, I’m thinking about matte grey or blacked out one.” Trevi says, ” I also want a truck or SUV.”

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