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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, a day where Peru students fall on a spectrum of relationships and the students feel a range of emotion. For some students, they fall on the single spectrum.  

Senior Daiten Swafford said, “Seeing couples in public makes me uncomfortable.” He doesn’t like public affection. A fellow student, Freshman Nissa Jones said, “Valentine’s Day is one of my least favorite holidays. Couples should always celebrate each other, instead of on that one day a year.” These students agree about not enjoying Valentine’s Day, but they both have different reasons.

However, other students feel differently. Junior Nevaeh Silver said, “I wish we could dress up in Valentine’s colors to celebrate the holiday more,” while another student, Freshman Jadyn McAdams said, “I think Valentine’s Day is pretty cool when you have someone to be with for it; the chocolates nice too.” These students agree that the holiday is happy to them, but Nevaeh wishes the school did something for it, besides candy grams.  

In conclusion, how you feel about this holiday depends on if you are happy and single or happy with another person. Valentine’s Day, no matter your situation, is a great day to get chocolate and watch your favorite movies or shows.

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