Photo of the front of the PJSHS building, taken by Jayma Majors

Peru Jr/Sr High School Transition

The junior high has moved in! The school that has always been known as Peru High School is
now known as Peru Jr./Sr. High School as of the 2022-2023 school. So how does everyone feel the transition is going?

This idea had been a rumor for a while. Then was announced within the last school year. The
junior high building was aging on us, and not keeping up well. The high school was big enough to
welcome 7th – 12th grade. They had to figure out how they were going to fit all of the classes that were needed in the school. Also, the school had to change the schedule of the student’s day to fit everyone’s classes and lunch.

Here are some thoughts on this transformation from the staff and students. Two high school students
were asked, “do you think that there is more chaos that goes on?” Senior Annika Malone
says “Yes. Have you walked into the lunchroom during their lunch?” Sophomore Rilei Boggs
says, “Yes, I think the junior high students think they have more freedom to roam around since
they’re up in the high school.” Two staff members were asked, “how do you think it is
going?” English teacher, Mrs. Simpson, says, “It has been smooth, better than what I thought it
might be.” Athletic secretary, Mrs. Muzzilo, says, “I think it is going smooth, but I will say I’ve
lost connection with high school staff members because I’m located in the Jr. High hallway, but I
see them in the breakroom!”

The transition to a Jr./Sr. high school sounds like it will take some time getting used to and
everything, but everything seems like it will work out. Welcome to the high school middle

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