Pie chart for college poll

PJSHS Favorite College Poll

Pie chart for college poll
100 students pick their favorite colleges

Every year students leave their childhoods in the rearview mirror, turn their tassels, pack their bags, and move out into the intimidating world of college life. Students mostly recognize the importance of planning this scary step out of their comfort zone and away from the life they have grown to know. Most students make a list of colleges they would be interested in attending before applying anywhere. Among PJSHS students, the most popular college to attend is IU.

With the college and career fair as well as College Go week fresh in the rearview mirror, the upperclassmen are thinking more about college than they ever have before. Out of the near 150 students asked if they wanted or planned on attending college, exactly 100 said they did. Among them, 35 people said they wished to go to one of the aforementioned IU campuses. 19 people prefer Ball State University. Unsurprisingly, most of the Ball State students wish to go there to become teachers, or to be involved in the world of education in some facet. 10 people chose Purdue University and Ivy Tech Community College respectively. Among the 100 students asked, 5 decided to shoot for the stars by choosing Notre Dame. Another four people are looking to attend Indiana State University. The final 17 people asked said that they plan to leave the state for school after Peru Junior Senior High School.

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