Finals Week in all caps with a pencil


Finals are right around the corner for high school students! For the seniors this will be their last big test, some of the teachers are making their students take the finals early starting next week, so they have the following week to get caught up on work and have a relaxing last few days of school. Finals take a toll on a lot of students, causing them stress since it is a big part of their grade. Teachers also must meet the deadlines to get everything graded by the end of the year. Not only with finals, but students also must finish the rest of their schoolwork on time.

Alivia Hanson a senior at Peru Jr/Sr High School says,” Finals stress everyone out and make me mad about taking them since most are 10% of your grade.”

Finals is a big test you should be well prepared for, but you shouldn’t stress yourself out too much over it. Take your time and do the best you can on the test!

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