A photo of the five students in Journalism class

Staff thoughts: End of the Semester

For the first time in a couple of years, Peru High School hosted a journalism class. The class, which was originally intended to be one-semester, has grown to become a key component of the high-school’s fine arts program.

As the semester comes to an end, the people of the Journalism class are reflecting on how it all went. One student from journalism, Ellie Parkman, said that “This past semester of journalism was an experience to remember.  Not only did I learn the fundamental skills of writing newspaper articles, I made new friends.” All of us can agree that not only have we developed strong writing abilities, but the way we interact with people and work as a team has seen huge improvements.

We can remember how Abigail Runyon first came into class… “Oh, thank goodness! I actually have friends here.” This really did provide a comedic relief to what we all thought was going to be a boring class. With the help of Mrs. Simpson and each other, we have come a long way and have become great journalists. I think that everyone can agree that the relationships we’ve formed have also improved our skills as writers; building each other up and giving criticism that will help us grow and learn in the future. We can remember Zak Boswells love for sports, and keeping the class updated with sports knowledge with his little piece on the board.

  Although we may be losing some members, and maybe classes will never be like the 2022 class was, I think that the memories we’ve made this semester will stay with us for longer than we can predict. 

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