New Vape Technology

Underage vaping has become an increasingly popular issue in Peru Community schools, and members of the school board have come up with a seemingly effective way to combat it. New vape detectors have been installed in all the bathrooms and locker rooms. These detectors are also multifunctional, they detect the chemicals from vapes, loud noises, […]

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Cinco De Mayo

            Fifth of May. That’s what Cinco De Mayo means. This holiday is mainly celebrated by the people of Mexico, but sometimes people in America celebrate the holiday. There are many things we do during this holiday, but the real question is, why do we celebrate it? The reason we do is because of the […]

Drama Club students on stage.
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Drama Club

Drama Club at PJSHS is recruiting new Jr and Sr high members! They are officially recognized as a Thespian Troupe with the Educational Theatre Association, which means they can start inducting students into the fraternity and compete at various competitions throughout the year.  Their next meeting will be April 19 after school.  At that meeting, […]