Drama Club students on stage.
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Drama Club

Drama Club at PJSHS is recruiting new Jr and Sr high members! They are officially recognized as a Thespian Troupe with the Educational Theatre Association, which means they can start inducting students into the fraternity and compete at various competitions throughout the year.  Their next meeting will be April 19 after school.  At that meeting, they will build the officers team and announce the show for a summer production.

There will also be a summer theatrical “camp” June 12 – July 8 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM every Monday through Friday.  They will perform the play July 7 and 8. 

Mr. Putt, a social studies teacher at PJSHS is helping with Drama Club. He says, “We have opportunities for anyone who wants to dabble in carpentry, electricity, dancing, singing, interior design, and acting of course. [Students can] gain experience and leadership skills in those fields.”

If you are considering joining the Drama Club, attend the meeting April 19th to get involved for this summer and next year. 

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