New Track

The Peru Jr/Sr Highschool will be getting a new track after the upcoming season is over. The current track is old and too run down to hold home meets during the track season. Parts of the track have large cracks in them or are torn up in large sections, making it difficult to use.

The track athletes have been practicing on a track that has not been repaired in a while and it can cause some issues for them. The start line on the track is a big problem, most of the lanes have patches of just gravel or concrete from under the track. This means that the starting blocks won’t have any track to stick into and it makes blocks slide.

Blocks are built with small spikes on the bottom, so they stay in place when you push off to start a race. If they don’t stay in place, they can slide out from under you, giving you a bad start, or even making you fall. It is important this can be fixed since holding home meets is important, especially when it comes to senior night, when the seniors are recognized at the start of the meet.

One of the track runners, Kaelyn Edwards said “I hate it, it gave me shin splints because it’s like running on concrete”. This brings up another issue, the track is too hard. Most tracks have a rubbery, almost bouncy feel to it, but not this one. The track feels like concrete, and this is not good for the runners. Hopefully all these issues can be fixed when the new track is built.

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