In the early days of Monopoly’s popularity, the game was not yet officially licensed. In fact, it was created by a woman named Elizabeth Magie in 1903 and patented in 1904 under the name “The Landlord’s Game.” Magie created the game as a way to demonstrate the negative aspects of monopolies on society, with players […]


Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual event that is celebrated globally on April 22nd each year. The day aims to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the environment and promoting sustainable practices, not just on Earth Day, but every day. The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970, and since then, it has grown to […]


April Fools Day

April Fools’ Day has evolved over the years to become a popular cultural phenomenon. It is no longer just a day to play pranks on friends and family, but now it is also a day for brands and businesses to showcase their creativity and sense of humor. In recent years, major brands have taken advantage […]


School Dress Code

School dress codes have been a topic of controversy for years, with many arguing that they are necessary to maintain a professional and respectful learning environment, while others argue that they are outdated and infringe on students’ individuality. A dress code typically outlines specific guidelines for what students are allowed to wear to school, with […]