Group photo of the senior trip in front of the Universal Studio's globe

Senior Trip

The seniors at Peru Sr/Jr High School were able to go on their senior trip last week. The seniors left on March 13, and got back on March 21. They went to Orlando, Florida and while they were there, they went to Universal Studios, Cocoa Beach, and the Ron John Surf Shop. They took a bus and left about 11 am on the 13th. It took them 19 hours to get their destination. Brianna Fromm, a senior at Peru, said, “It was definitely a trip to remember, I had lots of fun and won’t forget it.”

In order to go on the class senior trip, students had to meet specific criteria. They needed a 9.0 GPA or higher with no behavior problems. Cindy Merrick posted pictures of the senior trip on Peru High School’s twitter account. Another senior that was on the trip, Alivia Hanson, said,” I had a lot of fun with my friends and being in the warm weather.”

Frank Nguyen said,” It was an experience I will not forget, the sightseeing and being there with people that I knew all made the experience a lot better.” In conclusion, the Seniors at Peru Jr/Sr High School had a wonderful time at their trip down in Florida.

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