New Vape Technology

Underage vaping has become an increasingly popular issue in Peru Community schools, and members of the school board have come up with a seemingly effective way to combat it.

New vape detectors have been installed in all the bathrooms and locker rooms. These detectors are also multifunctional, they detect the chemicals from vapes, loud noises, and alert if anyone tires to tamper with them. Officer Whitney has been heavily involved with the matter and has given us some new information. “They were installed in all the restrooms and locker rooms in PJSHS they were installed over spring break. The first week back after spring break. We started getting bombarded with the hits in the restrooms.” “The very first week we had 5 hits on day 1, then we started getting anywhere from 10-15 hits a day the first week.”

Getting caught with these devices can also result in serious consequences. Many students that have been caught have gotten fined, or even more serious consequences. “We also issued 10 tickets for possession of a vape that week. The students that are issued a ticket are issued a court appearance and a 185 dollar fine. Since the first week the hits have gradually declined and it’s around 5 a day” says Officer Whitney.

With severe consequences and many other precautions, I and many of the faculty members, think that it won’t completely deter students from vaping but it will decrease the numbers drastically

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