PHS Track

Peru High School offers a healthy handful of extracurricular opportunities that interest and engage students; including PHS Track. Track is a spring sport that includes various athletic contests that push an athlete not only physically, but also mentally. Season began mid-February and it is coached by Edwards, Bennett, Butte, and Shaffer. Students are able to discuss and choose one of the following events: distance, sprinters, long jump, high jump, hurdles, shotput, and discus. Ashlyn Brown, a freshman distance runner, has given a deeper insight on the track experience in the following interview… 

Q: How is your first year of PHS track?

A: “My first year of track has been really good. The coaches this year have helped me improve incredibly.”

Q: What are practices like?

A: “We have track practice every day but sometimes we have ‘hard days’ or ‘rest days.’ Sometimes we just work out depending on if we had a meet or a hard day before.”

Q: What are meets like?

A: “We have a couple meets a week but since we have a small team, we can’t do all the events and usually get low scores.”

Q: What is your favorite part about being in track?

A: “My favorite part of being in track are the relationships that build while we go through hardships.”

Q: Are you doing track next year?

A: “I will most likely do it next year even though the pain is tough to get through.”

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