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Summer Vacation

            Summer vacation is in 2 weeks. School is almost out; we just have finals coming up. Once we finish with finals the school year will be over and the hot summer will be ready. It’s time to get ready for this year’s 2023 summer. There are many things you can do this summer, from going to the park and hanging out with friends to going on a nice vacation, there’s many things you can do to have fun.

            Going to the park is a popular option for something to do. The 2 popular parks around Peru are the Miami Fort and Davis Park. People from all around Peru will meet up at these parks. They will play basketball, box, mess around and have a good time. Some people prefer to go to the YMCA and workout. You can go to the YMCA to play basketball, swim, workout, and many other things. The subscription is $26 a month. There’s not much you can do around Peru, mainly hangout with friends, but you can make the most of it with what we have.

            Another option is called “leaving.” You can go on a vacation and leave Peru. You can even go on a cruise. You can drive all the way to your destination or fly. Flying will be quicker, but quite more expensive than what it would be to drive there. Leaving and going on a vacation would probably be one of the best options to have fun. Going to a water park or another country would be a fun experience.

            In the later month of July, the county fairs will start to open. The county fairs are open for a week normally. We also have the 4H fair North of Miami county. The fair is one of the most fun weeks of the Summer. You have rides, games, hangouts with friends, and many more things that happen.  You could also work during the summer. It’s a boring approach, but you can make money for next year or for later. It’s a choice up for you.

            We interviewed some people. We asked them what they would be doing for the summer. The first person we interviewed was Laurynne Jackson. We asked what she would be doing this summer and she said, “Probably just hanging out with friends doing stupid stuff.” The next person I interviewed was Darrin Couchman. A kid that goes to Maconaquah schools. He said, “Hanging out with friends and going on a vacation.”

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