The circus building

Circus at Sea

Peru Amateur Circus is well underway for upcoming shows and the theme this year is Circus at Sea. This year’s shows fall on July 15-22, and as always Saturdays are double shows. As of April 7, second cuts are over for the Peru Amateur Circus. For the readers who have never heard of circus information, when a person tries out for circus, they practice with the trainer for so many weeks and then can possible get cut from the act or make the act. However, for second cuts, the trainers get together and talk about what trainer needs for each act because there is a limit on how many acts a person can make. After second cuts, trainers start focusing on what routines they want for shows and on what costumes for their acts.
  Senior Jazzlyn Korving, PJSHS student and circus performer, said, “I think circus will go well this year and I’m really excited to see how it’ll turn out. I’m excited to see the new acts they’ve added this year and they’ve been hard at work this season”. Another performer, Senior Kailey Hoffarth said, “I think it will be fun and exciting since it’s my last year”. Good luck to all circus performers!

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