Pets in the Classroom

We have all at least once in our lives had a pet in the classroom, but what are the pros and cons of having one?

According to americanhumane.org, there are three positives of class pets:

  1. Enhancing lessons with science and nature.
  2. Encourage responsibility.
  3. Provide calm and relaxation.

According to americanhumane.org, there are also three negatives for class pets:

  1. Being responsible for additional costs.
  2. Caring for the pet outside of school hours and on breaks.
  3. Managing the students’ interactions with the animals.

PJSHS English teacher, Mrs. Simpson, said “I think it’s neat, and I can see the benefit”.

Senior Jones said, “I would say classroom pets are a good idea as long as they are small animals, because I feel like big animals for class pets like dogs will be a distraction.”

Overall, it seems the opinion is positive but the size of the animal depends and the classroom.

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