Photo of a protest with people in shadow

How Powerful is a Voice?

Protests happen all over the world. Some are more successful than others, but the real question is: How powerful is a voice? Having a voice is just one of the many things that makes us human, but that doesn’t just mean the ability to talk. Having a voice means to be able to express your opinion no matter what it is, and sometimes it can really go places.

Anyone can use their voice to make change, there are many instances where ordinary people have used their voice for extraordinary things. Throughout history, there have been protests such as the Indian Farmers Protest. This protest happened as recently as the last 2 years. Thousands of Indian farmers protested to change laws affecting their produce and even did things such as go on hunger strikes. These types of protests have been happening for years, as early as 1930 when Gandhi led the Salt March. He left his home in Sabarmati Ashram and intended to head to Dandi to make salt which was illegal for Indians under British rule. He started out with 78 other people and by the time he arrived there were more than 50,000 by his side.

The majority of protests that happen have reached their intended goal, even if it’s just things such as getting more publicity so people are aware of the cause. Many others have overcome the issue they were facing altogether. If there’s anything we can learn from past protests or even ones happening now it’s that anyone, even people such as yourself can make a difference and use their voice to make a change.

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