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Indiana students can receive hundreds of different scholarships throughout their high school career. Peru High School students are eligible for many of these scholarships, the most common scholarship is the 21st Century Scholarship. To be eligible for this one your parents have to make under a certain amount of money, you have to be a c average or above student, you have to do certain goals every year throughout high school to meet the requirements’. The Lilly is another well known scholarship that students want to get when they are not eligible for the 21st century scholarship.

There are other scholarships seniors are eligible to apply for if you meet the requirements. The first one the Peru Rotary Scholarships it’s due March 18, 2023 you are able to win 2,000 dollars. To be eligible you must be graduating from Peru, Maconaquah, North Miami who resides in Peru. The second scholarship is the St Charles Borromo scholarship, it’s due March 31, 2023. You must be a student not in the top 30 of the class rank. Requirements are you have to be graduating from any Miami county high school. Students cannot be in the top 20% of their graduating class. You have to submit an essay describing their desire to pursue a career in their selected field. 

The easiest one is the Tri Kappa scholarship, it’s due April 14, 2023, 2 people can win 1,000 dollars and 1 person can win 500 dollars. There are no requirements to apply for this scholarship. The last scholarship is for athletes, it’s due May 1, 2023 to the guidance office. The requirements are the student must’ve received a varsity letter in his or her senior year. Students must carry a 5 point GPA or better on a 12 point GPA scale. Students must demonstrate exemplary citizenship and sportsmanship. Students must enroll in a degree or certificate program offered by an accredited college or university. You can receive 500 dollars for one male or female athlete. It is a 1 year non-renewable grant.

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