Class of 2023 are You Ready?

Class of 2023 it’s all coming to an end here in 2 months. June 2nd is the big day for the seniors now. They have gone through virtual learning, a pandemic, and the transformation of a high school to a junior/senior high school. In 9 short weeks they will come upon their last day of high school and will be walking across the stage where most of them have spent the last four years.

Every senior has worked hard for 12 years. It’s something everyone looks forward to when going through school. Every single senior has pushed themselves to get to this point and be able to graduate on time.

Many of the seniors will continue their schooling and go off to college, but there are also students that have been doing things in high school (for example vocational schooling), who will go straight into their future career with experience.

Senior Alex Smithers he says, “I’m excited [to graduate] but I also don’t care much because we will have to go to school again, just not high school”

Senior Makenna Burney says, “Yes I’m excited, and plan on going to college.”

This is a very exciting thing for every senior. Each senior is going to have a goal they have completed, a long 12-year goal.

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