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Heartland is a vocational school and has classes you could take that could be the start of your career. Important note you can only take one class per year, but you can also be in an English class. There are a total of 17 pathways offered at Heartland, these classes are usually taken junior and senior year but there are some exceptions. The pathways differ for a certificate or license, or just some skills and some take one year, and some take two years. Also, all these classes offer college credit through Vincennes or Ivy Tech.

The pathways are the following:

*Precision Agriculture

*Construction trades

*Industrial Automation & Robotics

*Precision Machining

*Welding technology

*Digital Design – graphic design

*Digital Design – photography & videography

*Entrepreneurship (senior only)

*Education Professionals


*Culinary (Hospitality Management)

*Cosmetology & Barbering


*Criminal Justice

*Auto Collision Repair

*Automotive Service

*Diesel Service.
                Heartland was created through an agreement from schools since 1965 and its facilities opened in 1971, but originally the agreement was only between Manchester Community School, Metropolitan School District of Wabash County, Peru Community Schools, and Wabash City School. Eventually North Miami joined as the fifth school and Oak Hill and Huntington North participated through the years.
                Mr. Dupont (the supervisor of student services at Heartland) said his advice would be “First early on begin planning for things that you want to do and match your career classes for your school and our school that match the career. Once they recognize what they want to do, involve guidance and sign up early.”

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