Spring Break 2023

Spring Break is right around the corner which is just about every student’s favorite break besides summer break obviously. Many students at PJSHS travel to beaches, visiting family, relax at home or travel anywhere. For me I have gone to Arizona and Florida a few times and it was so much fun but this year it seems like Florida is the place everybody is going. Which is understandable because of the warm weather, beaches, and it’s just Florida who wouldn’t want to be there.

Senior Makenna Burney said “I am having surgery on my tonsils and had scheduled it for Spring Break time so I don’t miss any school and can rest up.” This is a good idea for students who miss several days of the school year. Seniors Maddie Nordman and Emma Eldridge are going to Europe. Nordman said, “We are visiting Rome, Paris and Madrid when we are in Europe and could not be more excited.”

In conclusion, if you have no idea what to do next spring break, there are some ideas up above. Safe travels to everyone this year!

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