Stress Awareness Month

            The month of April is the start of another monthly holiday called Stress Awareness Month. This holiday is not known by many people of the United States but is important to everyone in the country and even the world. Being stressed out is not a healthy lifestyle to live. There are many effects on your physical and mental health. There are many ways to relieve your stress. Some of these ways might not be easy but can be done with health. Stress is a huge issue in the world and should not be experienced by people, especially teenagers.

            What causes stress in people? Well, there are many issues that can cause someone to be stressed out. Having no control or outcome of a situation can cause someone to be stressed out. A certain task or responsibility that one finds to hard or even overwhelming can stress you out. Relationships, working too much, abuse, control, support, hate, and discrimination are the main factors causing someone to stress out too much. Make sure you’re living a healthy life as living an unhealthy life will also cause the issue. Younger people deal with stress more than older people. When you are younger you have less responsibilities until you start high school and grow into an adult. That’s where it all hits. Bills, taxes, working, relationships, and school will cause you to stress out.

            The effects of stress are not good. Your mental health is important for social interaction and keeping yourself sane. Irritability and aggression become way more common in you once you begin to stress out. Concentration and memory problems are two more big issues from stressing out. Sadness, crying, insomnia, fatigue, loss of control, and mental breakdowns are more symptoms and effects. The long-term problems come later after having the pressure on you for too long. Depression. Depression is one of the most common mental disorders that effects people in the U.S. Burn-out is a syndrome that causes you to feel energy depleted from workplace stress. You will slowly start to mentally distance yourself from your job. Burn-out and depression are two bad mental disabilities to acquire. You can be physically affected by stress. Headaches, high-blood pressure, chest pain, and sleeping issues are all physical effects. Suffering from high-blood pressure is bad. It can cause your risks of strokes and heart attacks to increase and cause kidney damage.

            How can you reduce your stress levels? Well, become active. Start going to the gym and exercising. Any type of exercise can lower your stress levels as it is good for you mentally and physically. Meditation and more social contact are important as well. Being socially interactable with people is important. You’ll have more fun doing things and that’ll cause your stress to lower. Sleep is another important thing you need. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep throughout each day, so you don’t end up getting stressed out. Breathing methods can help you relax when you start to stress out. Do something you enjoy like playing a game, listen to music, enjoy yourself by going out to do things. Sometimes, you just need someone with you. You need a friend or someone to be in a relationship with. Human touch from someone you’re with can reduce your stress and ease your mind. Hang out with your friends. Go meet new people. Drug abuse is not a good way to release stress. If you are struggling with drug addiction, then go to rehab and seek health to clear your struggles. If needed, go to therapy to help with your stress.

            We interviewed a person from Mac. First, we asked them how they deal with stress when under the circumstances. The person’s name is Ava Lyn Hershberger. She said, “I bite my nails.” We then asked her how she thinks people get stressed out. She said, “Too much schoolwork and problems at home are things that stress kids out.”

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