Staff Feature- Zach Leffel

Q: How long have you been teaching? A: 9 years

Q: What’d you go to college for? A: Originally accounting

Q: How long did you go to college for? A: 5 years

Q: What’s your favorite class period this year. A: 4th

Q: What grades have you taught? A: 8-12

Q: What’s your favorite one to teach. A: Juniors

Q: How stressful would you say your job is? A: Used to be very stressful, I think after getting used to it, I’ve gotten a different perspective.

 Q: Most memorable teaching moment?  A: Everything from my job has been memorable in different ways.

Q: Least favorite part about teaching? A: Disrespect from students

Q: Something important you think your job taught you. A: Patience

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