Staff Feature – Mr. Paul Frye, Principal of PJSHS

Welcome to the Peruvian’s first edition of PJSHS Staff Features. The school newspaper crew is starting this new series off strong by featuring our principal, Mr. Frye. The following interview was conducted by Co-Editor and Chief, Aiden Stewart. 

Q: Do you have any plans to improve this school year?

A: “When I took this job my number one goal was to increase the dual credits and improve common core numbers. Last year we had 31 seniors complete their freshman year of college and 11 more complete their associates degree before they all left Peru High School.” 

Q: What was the school like when you first became the principal and why did you choose Peru?

A: “The school was high achieving. I’ve been in Peru for 34 years. I came here because a school board member reached out to me. They asked me to come interview for a teaching position and I ended up taking that job. I’ve been here ever since.” 

Q: How has student life changed from before you were the principal?

A: “Well, we all had to live through the pandemic. One thing I would say is that we didn’t have nearly as many anxiety problems as we do now. Of course, this is natural, but I think it demonstrates the mental health needs of our entire population.”

Q: Do you have any ideas on how we can make a kinder school-environment a reality?

A: “I don’t think you can discipline hate out of kids. We can’t sit here behind these desks and say, ‘You’re suspended.’ You have to make it a positive thing, so we are working towards our new positive behavior intervention system. We need to model good behavior so we’re hoping to reward it.”

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