Members of the On Broadway cast singing

On Broadway

          The show was a hit! The fall performance play, On Broadway, just showed last Friday. People loved it and there were many laughs to go along with the comedic skits made for the people by the people. The performance and singing portions were also enjoyable and gave the audience a good balance of both comedy and contentment.

          This fall’s play is made specifically to get our PHS actors ready for the big spring play in a more fun and enriching way. You may see some or a lot of improvement between the two plays, acting, singing, or stage management-wise. This play gives the actors a better chance to get back into the swing of things and lets new upcoming actors get a feel for how the Drama Club operates. You also would have gotten a chance to hear the jazz band play. They have been working hard ever since the beginning of year and really pulled together the jazzy portion of On Broadway. For the spring play, look forward to bigger, better, and more realistic visuals. Coming from the feedback of some audience members, this play was quite good. Just wait until you get the chance to witness more of the fall play, but better!

           Coming from personal experience, the Drama Club is such a fun adventure, and we love sharing that with you. If you are curious about the club or plays, or would just like to know more in-depth information, please contact Dr. Gornto, head of the Drama club. His office can be located in the music department near the choir room. We hope you come join us for our next play!

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