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St. Patrick’s Day and Green

Saint Patrick’s Day is a holiday where we celebrate the death of Saint Patrick. Most people, however, have no idea on why we celebrate this holiday. It’s a holiday where most people will wear the color green without knowing the meaning behind it. Why green? Is green truly the color you must wear to celebrate the holiday without getting pinched? Some of the questions haven’t been answered for most ordinary people.

Why is green worn on Saint Patrick’s Day? There are two different reasons. One of the reasons is that the Irish believe leprechauns can’t see the color green, making the wearer invisible. It is an old Irish folktale that was dated back into the 1700s. The other reason is because of the Ireland’s nickname, The Emerald Isle. What is the true color of Saint Patrick’s Day? It is blue. Back then Saint Patrick wore blue, not green as many people today believe.

We celebrate this day for the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. This day also celebrates the heritage and culture of Ireland. Saint Patrick himself died on this day. This is one of the real reasons we celebrate the day. The Saint did a lot for Ireland. He was the reason Christianity came to Ireland. According to old folklore, Saint Patrick was attacked by serpents during a 40-day fast which led him to drive out all reptiles who were legless from Ireland.

Irish soldiers in the British army came to America in 1762 and hosted the first St. Patrick’s Day parade in New York. The holiday would then be known to thousands of thousands of Americans and celebrated every year.

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