PJSHS cafeteria workers posing in their Christmas outfits

Christmas Countdown

With Christmas break just around the corner, Peru JR/SR High School has conducted dress-up days! Christmas Countdown posters can be found around the school and showcase the upcoming festivities. These dress-up days start on Friday, the 9th, and end on the last day before break, Tuesday, the 20th.  Friday 12/9- Mad 4 Plaid Wear your […]

Stock image of leaves in different colors

Autumn Leaves

During mid-September to early-November, many areas in the United States experiencea unique and intricate site; autumn leaves. These leaves range from different colors, texture,and a familiar crunch! But how does this work and where can you find these spectacular, fall-time hues?The science behind the leaves is actually quite simple. Chlorophyll is a chemical found inplants […]

Stock image of tractors harvesting crops

Harvest Season Underway

Farmers finally begin harvest season around Miami County For soybeans, planting season starts in mid to late May. During this time, tractors dig into theground and plant soybean seeds and can also use liquid fertilizer to help the crops grow. Then when thecrops are planted, they grow from June to October, when harvesting starts. During […]

Stock image of a child in a bunny costume Trick-Or-Treating

Too Old for a Treat?

It is officially October, the month of all things sweet and spooky. With Halloween right around the corner, the Peruvian conducted a survey. Seventy-eight students of Peru JR/SR High School were asked one simple question, “What age should people stop trick or treating?” Students had the option to pick from the age groups 10-12, 13-17, […]