Stock image of leaves in different colors

Autumn Leaves

During mid-September to early-November, many areas in the United States experiencea unique and intricate site; autumn leaves. These leaves range from different colors, texture,and a familiar crunch! But how does this work and where can you find these spectacular, fall-time hues?The science behind the leaves is actually quite simple. Chlorophyll is a chemical found inplants […]

Stock image of a child in a bunny costume Trick-Or-Treating

Too Old for a Treat?

It is officially October, the month of all things sweet and spooky. With Halloween right around the corner, the Peruvian conducted a survey. Seventy-eight students of Peru JR/SR High School were asked one simple question, “What age should people stop trick or treating?” Students had the option to pick from the age groups 10-12, 13-17, […]