Meet Sydney Smith

by Shania Cormany

There are tons of students that go to Peru High School that have afterschool activities, but Sidney Smith, a sophomore at Peru High School, does an interesting thing for herself and other people. Sidney had joined the cooking club the end of last year. She joined cooking club because she really liked the teacher and wanted to learn more on how to cook food. The teacher who was the instructor of cooking club was Mrs. Kiefer, who always guided her students on what to do. Whatever recipe the students do; Mrs. Kiefer tries to approve those recipes. Sidney Smith was inspired to do cooking club from her friend Sara Briner. Sara told Sidney about cooking club last year and it would be fun. Cooking club stay after’s on Thursday’s and it’s about an hour and half long. Sidney said, “cooking club is all year long.” After all, the fun they do is that they take a day to make a whole bunch of random food. Then the kind of food/meals they make is anything. The cooking club, will be making cinnamon rolls here at Peru High School for a dollar at the end of October from the 24 – 28. In Sidney’s education on going further in cooking, is a no. Because her overall in “no, not really,” as in she will only cook at home.

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