The newest hangout for high school students is in Kokomo

by Marissa Fuller

Teenagers are always complaining about having the long drive to get to thenearest concert/event center. They won’t be complaining anymore. As of May of2016, the new Front Row Event Center is now up and running. It is convenientlyplaced in Kokomo. Wiz Khalifa also had his after party in this location on August11th, 2016. Most events are 16+ or 21+, which means that a great amount of high-schoolers are welcome to these events. One of the owners let me have a sneak peakof the upcoming shows and performances for this year. They have a tour comingup called “Twiztid Tour” starting October 28th.

The face of Front Row, Kim Starkey, agreed to let me interview her for some need-to-know facts about this location. She informed me that this building is for multi-purpose use such as: parties, concerts, and banquets.

Because they are new, they are trying to promote different events. For example, onweekends people of all ages will be able to showcase their talent at an open micnight. Their hope is for local talent to perform. Other features include starting highschool nights the second Friday of every month as early as this September! There are many attractions there such as the full service restaurant and the juice barssurrounding the area.

Front Row has many choices for many different kinds of students. From themusically inclined to the social butterflies, Front Row will be where everyone is at.Don’t forget to look into high school nights as well!

front row

1833 S. Plate St. Kokomo, IN

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